Canada issues new passports


Each country has its own requirements for entering and leaving its borders. Most countries require a passport, citizenship certificate, visa or other legal document. Provide yourself and all those traveling with you the necessary documents before attempting to enter a foreign country. Please note that some countries require your passport to be valid for at least six months after the date of entry. Without proper documents, some members of your group will have to stay home while others will enjoy the trip!

From July 2013, Canada will begin issuing electronic passports. Since the release of this new ePassport by the Government of Canada, many questions have been raised. First: Is it necessary to get a new passport if it is valid? No – no need to replace your passport. Your current passport will remain valid until it expires.

The highlight of this new passport:

– Contains 36 pages compared to 24 for the current version.

– There will be an option to obtain a passport in five years or in 10 years ($ 120 or $ 160).

– Built-in electronic chip will make it more secure.

– The electronic chip must be located within 10 cm of the ePassport reader and the passport must be open for access to the chip data.

– Images on each page will serve as an additional measure of security.

Readers of this new electronic passport will be available at 34 Canadian Border Agency locations across the country, but not all locations. Note that if unlikely the chip will not work, the passport will remain valid.

From these new features, some frequent travelers have raised a valid point. Since the new passport will be valid for 10 years and contains only 36 pages, there is a chance that the passport will be filled in with stamps before the passport is renewed. This means that the passport holder will have to renew the passport and will have to spend more money on the second passport. It also means that the Canadian will have to pay twice for the service, for the sole reason that one of the new passport features is limited.

Some people might also say that a passenger should apply for a passport for five years instead of ten years. That's true, but it's also more expensive than the current one. Make your decision.

To conclude that the new passport has a new protection function and that the Canadian will pay from his own pocket for thesis functions.

Have a nice trip.