Jaipur Hotels – Luxury stay amidst the elegance of the Royal City


Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan is considered as one of the major cities playing a dominant and potential role in boosting Indian tourism. Palazzo houses, alluring architecture, beautiful picturesque surroundings and ethereal culture, each of these features make this city a true sky. Thus, Jaipur hotels are one of the most attractive features of this city.

Some of the famous and attractive hotels, resorts and accommodations in Jaipur are Hotel Holidai Inn, Sheraton Rajputana Palace Hotel, Hotel Classic Holidais, Maharani Palace, Hotel Hari Mahal Palace, Hotel Peral Palace and Hotel Diggi Palace. Other famous hotels are as follows.

1. Savvy retreat

This is one of the boutique hotels with garden in Jaipur. Royal amenities and a lavish and rich aura in the architecture of the Haveli Hotel are usually one of the most classic and attractive features of a resort. At the same time, the resort is also within easy reach of most markets, palaces and other forts that allow tourists to enjoy this factor in exploring the magnificent beauty of the city. At the same time, the resort is also one of the best places for those looking for rejuvenation and peace. This resort redefines the luxury and elegance of this city, becoming one of the must-see resorts for tourists and becoming one of the phenomenal faces in Jaipur's identity.

2. Umaid Bhavan

This is one of the legacy hotels in Rajasthan. It is economical and offers royal and magic related to Rajasthani elegance in its accommodation. This hotel is run by continuous generations of Rathores, who are one of the royal classes of this state. Beautifully and aesthetically decorated balconies, antique furniture, alluring gardens and the inviting ambiance of Rajasthan culture are some of the features that make Umaid bhavan one of the most sought after hotels. After all, the way this hotel portrays the culture and traditions of the state is nowhere else.

3. Sarang Palace Hotel

The great location of this hotel is one of its features that attracts many people. It is one of the best examples of budget hotels in Rajasthan. Temples, palaces, lakes and shining counters are some of the other interesting features that add to the beauty of this hotel which gives it a very ethnic feel.

Therefore, Jaipur hotels are purely one of the best places to stay. These hotels, with their impeccable and attractive features, add to the splendid beauty of the country and make it one of the best tourist destinations to be reached. Therefore, the experiences at these hotels are definitely rejuvenating and a magic for millions of tourists.