Kuick and Easi Violin Mute


One of the reasons I raised the violin was because it was easier to travel from a guitar (not that I did not find some nice guitars, but that's another story). It clings to the airplane above your head and is easy to carry!

However, I want to be careful about the people in the rooms around me when I play in the hotel room. I decided that I needed a mute – there are many gizmos that you can easily attach (and not so easily) to your violin to reduce the sound. I wanted something simple and effective – it had to be easily slipped and turned off and it must work!

It turns out that it's very easy to find! Go to the baskets and grab the spring clip. Okay, just go ahead and take two – just in case. Lower the first clip on the triple side of your violin bridge. Tilt the bottom down so that it does not interfere with your onions.

That's it! Try and you'll be amazed how the sound is muted. If you want more shutdowns, place the other pin on the bass side of the bridge. (When you do, your violin looks like mustache!)

It does not get much easier than this – plus there's probably room in your case for two clothes. Simple, inexpensive and efficient (although it looks a bit stupid).